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How to order a Custom Neon...

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Our ‘This Will Be Forever’ neon is one of our most popular hire items, but did you know we also offer custom neon? Your own neon made especially for you, to use on your wedding day and then display in your home for the years to follow.

To help answer the most common questions, we thought it was about time we wrote a blog post to explain how the process works and things to think about.

So, here’s our top five things to think about…

1. What do you want it to say?

It could be your new name (if you’re choosing to share one), song lyrics, a quote which is meaningful to you both or anything you can think of. In many ways we really do think short is sweet and will really make your neon stand out.

2. Font Style

If you have an example of the style of font that you are looking for, it is really helpful to share this with us. At the moment, a ‘handwritten’ style is the most popular.

3. Colour

We can offer neon in a range of colours, whether it’s pink, white or green. Just let us know what you fancy!

4. Close cut or large board acrylic

Our ‘This Will Be Forever’ neon is close cut, meaning there is only a small border around the edge of the neon.

If you want to hang your custom neon, we recommend the use of an acrylic board. Any custom neon fixed to a frame can use a board or close cut acrylic backing.

While transparent acrylic is the most popular, we are also able to offer coloured acrylic backing so let us know if you want a splash of colour.

5. Overall Size

How big do you want your neon to be including all backing? For reference our ‘This Will Be Forever’ neon is 90cm(w) x 50cm(h) and is shown here on our large metal grid frame which is 130cm(w) x 250cm(h). We can help with mock ups and make suggestions if you provide us as much information as possible. For example, how do you want to use the neon and how are you planning to fix it?

If you have any more questions, or want to enquire for your very own custom neon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Ideal for your wedding or event and completely bespoke for you.

More information on our Custom Neon service is available here:

You can also find out about our neon sign for hire here:

The second photo is courtesy of Enchanted Brides who we highly recommend!

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