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What to wear for Bridal Prep for your Wedding Day? An Alternative Guide for Brides

It’s been very popular over recent years for the bride and bridal party to have ‘Bride’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ or wedding party dressing gowns for the morning of the wedding. Often these are used on the day and then never see the light of day, so not great for the environment or your bank balance. So what should you wear on for Bridal Prep on your wedding day?

We’ve listed some of our tips on what to wear during your wedding morning, and some ideas from the high street. After all, not everyone wants to get ready in just their dressing gown and Bridal Prep photos have become an essential part of capturing your wedding day. You can wear all these pieces again; perhaps even on your honeymoon and look great in your Bridal Prep photos!

So our top tips for great Bridal Prep outfits…

Make sure you can wear the outfit without a bra or with the underwear you are wearing on your wedding day. Bra marks take time to fade, so don’t risk having marks on your day. Socks can also leave marks, so take these off too! Nothing that goes over your head, as this may be challenging after your hair and make up has been done. Why not try a button up or zip front outfit? Make sure you can sit down in it comfortably, as you will spend a lot of time sat down on your wedding morning between hair and make up. If possible buy something made of natural materials eg cotton, to let your skin breathe. Hotel rooms full of people can be a little warm! Remember you don’t need to match the bridal party unless you want to.

This Topshop co-ord will be ideal for your honeymoon after and can be mixed up with jeans and summery tees.

There had to be a white outfit in here somewhere- I’m a sucker for the ASOS Design range but the back on this playsuit is so so good.

This yellow Boohoo Playsuit is part of their curve range and has super pretty sleeves

A bold print Wrap Dress with buttons is super cute

Something a little edgier and a great wardrobe staple; this button up Boiler Jumpsuit

And finally something a bit more traditional, but still super stylish and something you really will want to wear again…Extra Special Touch Monogram Shirts photo by Barbara Idasiak Photography

We hope that helped give you a few ideas of what to wear on your wedding morning. We hope you love your Bridal Prep experience and the photos will always be treasured!

What will you be wearing for Bridal Prep?

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